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This Extra Flesh Special Effects Makeup is easy to use; just rip off a chunk, dab it on and blend it out. This special Extra Flesh by Mehron can be applied with a safe non-toxic adhesive, Fixative A or Spirit Gum which is used by Special Effect Makeup Artists throughout the entertainment world. Extra Flesh is a synthetic makeup product that can be reused and is easy to apply and remove. Extra Flesh is an exclusive formulation of the Mehron makeup Company.
Fixative "A" is an exclusive formulation developed by Mehron to seal intricate makeup designs before applying makeup over special effect make-up created with Modelling Wax or Modeling Putty/Wax. Makeup Artists love the clear liquid Fixative "A"TM sealer to protect the surface of their creations made with Modelling Wax and Modelling Putty/Wax so that makeup can be applied. Fixative "A"TM seals to a hard clear finish making makeup designs appear like tattoos. Fixative "A"  is only made by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927.
Extra Flesh .3oz/9g ,Fixative "A" .25floz/8ml
We are sorry but due to Royal Mail restrictions we cannot ship this inflammable product overseas

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