Grimas Nose Wax



Grimas nose wax is a self-adhesive, malleable material that can be used for creating all sorts of deformations on relatively immobile parts like the nose or chin. It is not suitable for sticking to mobile parts of the skin.
Nose wax already has a white skin colour but you can colour it with cream makeup or camouflage makeup.

Apply Nose Wax on clean and grease-free skin onto which no cream has been applied.For additional adhesion to the skin, first clean it with Cleansing Lotion.(You need not, as is the case with Soft Putty, to prepare the skin with Grimas Mastix Extra and Wool Crepe).

Use the convex rounded side of the Derma Wax Spatula to take the Nose Wax out of the jar.Form a ball with the fingers and press it firmly on the chosen spot.Do not hold Nose Wax in your fingers for long, otherwise the warmth of your hands will make it sticky.
Model the ball in a dabbing way with the fingertip, as you press it continually.Attention: don't rub.
Once the deformity made with Nose Wax is in the right shape, you can smooth it all off and perfect it with a little bit of Cleansing Cream.Do not rub it for too long, otherwise the Nose Wax will get too warm.
To create the effect of skin perfused with blood, colour the Nose Wax with red creme make-up Then you apply skin-coloured creme make-up.After powdering off, you can use a stipple sponge to apply a skin structure effect if required.


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