Grimas Single Eyeshadow/Rouge Pots

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Grimas Professional eyeshadow and rouge is an intensely coloured pressed powder for application to the skin to create a colour, shadow or highlighting effect.

There are matt shades varying from bright colours to skin and shadow shades and there are glossy pearl shades as well. The colours can all be mixed.

Eyeshadow and rouge is used as eye shadow and blusher and for shading and highlighting cake makeup.

It is also used by makeup artists for colouring eyebrows, as well as for modelling and shaping. Eyeshadow and rouge makes a perfect eyeliner when mixed with Grimas Cleansing Lotion.

Pearl Eyeshadow can be applied on top of lipstick, fixing it and giving a gloss effect at the same time.

These A1 2.5g pots can be used on their own or combined with Grimas A4, A6 or A12 empty containers to make your own custom palettes